The Air Cavity System is a revolution…

Air Cavity System (ACS) technology reduces a vessel's fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 10% – providing huge cost savings for ship owners and reducing the shipping industry's impact on global warming. DK Group's ACS technology is one of the most comprehensively described eco-efficiency technologies to be validated by the United Nations' IMO GHG study, 2009.

To help ship owners and operators meet this challenge, DK Group, a leading maritime technology company, has pioneered and created the Air Cavity System, the only air lubrication technology that is applicable for both new build and existing vessels.

DK Group’s pioneering ACS technology will shortly be installed on a multi purpose vessel owned by Danish shipowner and ship management company Dannebrog Group, marking the first time that ACS technology has been installed on an international commercial vessel. This represents a landmark moment in the adoption of clean technology within the shipping industry.

Who’s Involved

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